Formula 1 | Aston Martin F1: Vettel likes Zandvoort’s banked corners

Sebastian Vettel saw his first day of the Dutch Grand Prix disrupted by an engine problem on his Aston Martin in FP1, but the quadruple world champion nevertheless managed to find good benchmarks in the afternoon, and was fun on the Zandvoort circuit.

« I think overall it was a decent afternoon because we had some catching up to do, and I had to get into the rhythm quickly. » Vettel said. « I came here many years ago and they haven’t changed the trail too much which is great news. »

« The parts they changed, I think they improved them. It’s very exciting with banking. I don’t know which line to take yet, but we’ll have a little more time tomorrow. »

But Vettel loved the angle of some of the corners: « We should have more of these turns with positive camber, not negative camber. Negative camber is for water removal, but it’s very annoying because you lose grip. »

The potential of the AMR21 on the Dutch circuit is interesting: « We didn’t get a chance to have a good quick lap, but it should be fine in qualifying. I think we still have a few pieces we can improve in the car. »

« I’m not quite up to speed on the driving side, the car can be improved, so we should be able to improve tomorrow. Hopefully the others won’t be able to. »

Lance Stroll also had a good first day, although the red flag due to Vettel penalized him too: « It was a positive day to start the weekend and I really enjoyed the experience of driving in Zandvoort once again. »

“Track time was limited in FP1 and we looked fine in FP2 until we were stopped by the red flag on a fast lap. I felt comfortable in the car and I think we have a good starting point. « 

“We know qualifying is going to be the key to success here because overtaking will be very difficult, but there is some degradation, which could make strategy a little more important. We have a lot of data to look at tonight and we will aim to take another step forward tomorrow. « 

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