Formula 1 | Aston Martin F1 kicks off with Stroll and Vettel in the top 10 in Qatar

Aston Martin F1’s first day in Qatar ended well with, in particular, Lance Stroll’s 6th fastest time in Free 2, while Sebastian Vettel, 9th, was also in the top 10.

However, things had not started well on the side of the Canadian.

« The track has a great pace and that makes it very enjoyable. I had a lot of fun today, » Stroll comments tonight.

« The hydraulic problem we encountered in FP1 was annoying but it didn’t cost us too much useful time on the track and for the second session the car was really good. Saturday is another day but I have high hopes for a competitive weekend. Progressing to Q3 is definitely the goal. If we can qualify well, I think we will be strong in the race as well. « 

For the quadruple world champion, « Today was good from my point of view, but at this point it’s hard to understand where we are as everyone is still trying to master the track. »

« It takes time to focus and find your pace, but overall it’s a very enjoyable circuit to drive. I wasn’t very happy with our pace on one lap and the traffic made it difficult for me to do so. to get some clean laps, but we have a little bit of time with the FP3s to work on it more. « 

« Tomorrow everyone will be aiming for the perfect lap in qualifying, but only a few will do it. I hope to be one of them because, being so difficult to overtake, securing a good position on the grid. will play a major role in our end result. « 

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