Formula 1 | Alpine F1 wants to give Alonso ‘the car he needs’

Alpine F1 hopes to succeed in shining with Fernando Alonso in the future. Otmar Szafnauer, the team principal, was asked about the team’s need to get a high-performance car out quickly for the Spaniard to benefit.

« Because he’s 40? I hope so » replied Szafnauer. « I remember when I was 40 and I wasn’t tired. Now I’m 57 and I’m tired. This year what we have to do with Fernando, and also with Esteban [Ocon]it’s improving the car more than the others. »

« If we do that, we can apply next year what we learn this year. At the end of the year, we will be able to see how we have learned, compared to others. »

« We will give Fernando the car he needs. We will see how the season goes, it has just started, but I don’t think we did a bad job during the winter. We will improve during the season. , we will progress. »

Alonso explained recently that he still wants to be in Formula 1 for another two or three years, whether at Alpine or elsewhere, which surprises Szafnauer, who would like to see his driver stay with the team.

« I don’t know what he meant. But I hope he stays with us, Fernando is a great asset, a world champion, a gigantic help to be competitive on the track. In the meantime, we ‘have this year.’

« Future decisions will be made in July or August when the transfer season starts. And by then we will learn a lot about the car and I’m sure he will have more information to make a decision. . »

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