Formula 1 | Alpine F1: Rossi wants his drivers to continue to be ‘leaders’

Alpine F1 hopes to be among the teams that will take advantage of the new technical regulations to move up the hierarchy. Chassis as engine, the team changes absolutely everything, and its CEO Laurent Rossi also hopes to see the budget ceiling play a role in tightening forces.

« It will be an exciting year, as the technical regulations will redistribute the cards, and the financial regulations will ensure that everyone plays with the same chances » said the Frenchman.

« It’s been an exciting year and I can’t wait to see if what we achieved last year, in addition to the new organization, will be effective in getting back on the podium and meeting the challenge of winning in the next 100 races. »

The driver duo, which consists of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, is however unchanged at Alpine. Rossi appreciated the leadership role that each of the two men took during the season, to advance a team in reconstruction.

« I want the drivers to continue doing what they were doing last year, they were leaders in the organization. They pushed everyone, every member of the team, to go higher. »

« It wasn’t just their engineer or their performance cell, the bubble around them was everyone. They ask questions, they want to solve problems and don’t leave anything to chance and I like that attitude because it is thanks to them in particular, and to their collaboration, that the team was able to score points in 20 of the 22 races. »

« Oscar is the future of the team is clearly the future of Formula 1, and of Alpine I hope. He is a great talent who is breaking record after record, he has an incredible pedigree for his young age, he will learn a lot and bring us good expertise. He will be able to contribute to the drivers. »

The other major novelty for Alpine F1 is obviously the arrival of BWT as title sponsor. Rossi confirms that the collaboration between the two entities would not stop at simple logos on the single-seaters.

« BWT brings us a lot, they have been in F1 for a long time, and it’s good to have a partner on whom we can count on several aspects, sporting, technical, financial, political… we must remember that these are not not just races. »

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