Formula 1 | Alpine F1 recognizes errors in ‘engine’ strategy at Renault

Alpine’s future in Formula 1 is assured for « next five to ten years », as Laurent Rossi, the CEO of the automaker, said in our article published earlier this morning.

Maisis Rossi admits the team made mistakes in other areas. For example, the decision to delay the new engine until 2022, which took a toll on performance this year.

« I don’t think it’s an advantage to hold back a development, » Rossi admits.

« I would even say it would have been better if we had had an engine upgrade this year, which would have given us a better basis for the 2022 engine. »

« Now we have to take an important step, take back two lengths at once on the others. »

Rossi recognizes that the overall situation of Alpine and Renault in Formula 1 and the doubt about its involvement explain why no longer has a client team.

“Apparently we don’t have any credit on that side anymore. But we have to look at it soberly. Our engine was no longer attractive to customers. In the past, we often shot ourselves in the foot by adjusting our engines too much. engines to customer wishes. « 

« If the customer was not happy then we were going both ways and we were hurting each other in the process. At the moment, we benefit from focusing on ourselves. »

« Once everything has gone well, it would be nice to have one or two clients again. »

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