Formula 1 | Alpine F1 could put Piastri in another team in 2023

The example of Losail, and especially the Hungaroring earlier this year, showed the fantastic collaboration between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon. Finally, contrary to what one might fear, one does not eat the other.

Marcin Budkowski, Executive Director of Alpine F1, is bound to be delighted too… Maybe it’s the age difference that matters here? How does he qualify the relationship between his two pilots?

“Each pair of riders is different – but this one is definitely fantastic to watch. There is sort of an older brother-younger brother relationship between Fernando and Esteban. It is certain that Esteban admires Fernando for his career and achievements. Likewise, at the start of the year he was determined to show Fernando how fast he is, and he has done so on a number of occasions. « 

“Fernando gained a lot of respect for Esteban when he saw how fast he could be. So the two, pretty quickly in the season, have gauged and observed each other – but also they get along really well. « 

“The two races where we finished on the podium… in those two races they helped each other out, and almost without the team needing to invite them. Fernando knew exactly what he was doing in Budapest to help Esteban win this race, and when Fernando jokingly asked Esteban to help him in Qatar, Esteban knew exactly what the race situation was like and was very willing to help him. to do. « 

 » It’s awesome. It was awesome to see. We saw it on the track, but we see it every day in the debriefings, in all the preparation for the race. They respect each other, they help each other and they work together to achieve the best results for the team. « 

A steering wheel for Piastri guaranteed?

However Fernando Alonso is getting a little old, and Alpine’s future necessarily rhymes with that of Oscar Piastri. The perhaps future F2 champion will be a reserve driver next year, but has already made it clear that he aspires to better in 2023. He also assured that his team agrees with him. Can Budkowski confirm?

“Oscar’s announcement as a reserve pilot, beyond being an announcement as such, if you will, comes with a lot of other things. Oscar is going to be very involved in the simulator and he’s already doing that a bit, but not as much as we would like, because he’s obviously racing in Formula 2 and he’s yet to win this championship this year. But he’s going to do a lot of development work, a lot of work on the simulator, he’ll spend time at the factory, very close to the engineers, he’ll do a lot of track racing as well. Well, he’s going to be racing in Abu Dhabi for the post-season test this year. Next year’s regulations require him to run for two free practice sessions. We’ll do a tailor-made test program for him in Formula 1 cars, to make sure he really, really powers up. « 

Since it will be difficult to compare Piastri’s performance with the F1 drivers next year without a Grand Prix race, Budkowski will have a hard time making a decision. But he is almost ready to promise the Australian a seat in F1, possibly even in a team other than Alpine if necessary.

“We’re going to develop Oscar a lot, beyond taking him to the races as the third driver. How are we going to make that decision, well, we’ll see next year first. If the car is fast and Fernando is happy, then we’ll have some kind of talk. If not, then we’ll have a different kind of discussion. « 

« But it is certain that we have a great talent with Oscar and if there is no seat available at Alpine, I am sure that we will find a solution for him to drive a Formula 1 car and remain in the family. Alpine. « 

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