Formula 1 | AlphaTauri: Tsunoda gave up his ‘lazy lifestyle’

Yuki Tsunoda has been living since last year in Faenza, near the AlphaTauri factory. Before that, he resided in England, but his involvement and the work he did left something to be desired. The Japanese himself admits that he was sorely lacking in attendance.

« It’s not just a story, it’s true » Tsunoda revealed to Servus TV. « It wasn’t good when I was living in England. I would get up, play Playstation, then order something to eat. Play Playstation again, then order something to eat again. »

« Of course we also had training, but it was a somewhat lazy way of life. Then Franz Tost persuaded me to come closer to the team in Italy. It allowed me to improve in a lot of domains. »

Tsunoda reveals that he learned a lot by observing Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, and that the latter gave him many valuable tips. He is now more careful in his approach to weekends, and this translates into a reduction in the number of his accidents.

« The big thing in the learning curve was expectations. I got into Formula 1 quickly and scored points straight away. I thought it was easy. Then I also had some accidents, that’s also why my performance suffered. »

« I looked around me, on the side of Max and Pierre. I tried to copy things that they were doing. Pierre helped me a lot, in the way he told me how he gradually approaches the car over the weekend. »

« Before, I had always tried to immediately go for the perfect lap. So I changed that. Alex Albon is also a great teacher. I’m in control now and I know how to approach the race and the whole weekend. . »

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