Formula 1 | Alonso was not inspired by the IndyCar for the banking of Zandvoort

The arrival of banked corners in Formula 1 forced the drivers to adapt and learn how to negotiate them. We could see in turn 3 of Zandvoort many different trajectories. Fernando Alonso reveals, however, that the IndyCar experience was not

« There is nothing really comparable between the two categories » Alonso said. « I think banking at Indy is a lot less important. »

“The speed is a lot higher, the downforce level is very different and then in Indy you ride very low. There is no point in going outside. outside because there were different stages in banking. « 

Alonso revealed that he was inspired by the FRECA riders, watching videos of the race contested in the spring, before doing his own tests: « In the first few sessions I tried different trajectories and they seemed to work well. It was fun because you could feel the compression and it made a different feeling. »

The Alpine F1 driver used it to gain two positions in the first round of the Dutch Grand Prix. He is happy that F1 is implementing this solution elsewhere, as will be the case in Abu Dhabi.

« It helps the competition, it helps you go faster in the corners, it helps to better manage the tires, the aerodynamics and all the rest. We are not used to it because the recent circuits had rather a negative camber, which creates the opposite. « 

« Now we’re all pleasantly surprised to have banked corners. It makes me even sadder now that we’ve built so many tracks with negative camber. »

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