Formula 1 | Alonso sees himself staying in F1 ‘two or three years’, talks about his regrets over Hamilton

Except for the 2007 season, with their fratricidal cohabitation at McLaren, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have not finally crossed swords as much as that on the track in recent years. Again in 2021, the Spaniard battles in the middle of the grid while the Briton faces Max Verstappen for the world title. There were some fine battles nonetheless (in Hungary this year), but too scattered to speak of direct confrontation.

As Fernando Alonso told the « Beyond the Grid » podcast, it’s a real regret for him not to have really struggled for the title against his teammate. A regret all the more keen that in 2007, Fernando Alonso did not feel ripe for this rivalry at the top.

“With Lewis, we didn’t find, say, the competition or opposition that I was looking for. « 

“We shared a team and this is, for the general public, the biggest fight you can have, but in 2007 I think we weren’t both ready. It’s understandable, maybe he wasn’t ready for the fight because he was a rookie and coming to Formula 1, and I wasn’t at my best, I wasn’t really integrated into the team. « 

“Of course we had all the fights together and all the stress together to fight for the championship, and we weren’t well managed and managed at the time. We finished with the same number of points in the championship, which can be considered a very big fight and a balanced fight, but I think we could have done better. « 

“And then, the following years, I had a better package at Ferrari than him when he was at McLaren, so we didn’t really fight directly, and now when he moved to Mercedes he had a better package and we never had the opportunity to fight together again. « 

“So that’s a missing aspect in my career. But, obviously, he’s a sports legend and he, like Michael, pushes you to the limit because if you want to beat Lewis you have to give your best. « 

Towards the third title?

Now at 41, Fernando Alonso may no longer be in a position to fight again against Lewis Hamilton for the world title. But who knows with the new 2022 aerodynamic regulations? What if the Spaniard had the car he needed to fight for the title? In any case Fernando is always hungry for a third crown!

“I’m really looking forward to winning my third championship and will do what I can and more in the years to come. It will mean a lot in terms of legacy after my Formula 1 career ends. It’s not that I’m desperate to get it and that changes, you know, my whole career, or that it changes the way I do. see sport. I am a competitive person, as we said before … in everything I do. « 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re 19 or 42 or 43, it’s a way of life and a total dedication to the sport. It’s probably the most important thing if I win the third championship – that kind of legacy and message for future generations. « 

And even if his car is not competitive, Fernando Alonso says he is ready to stay in F1 – which contradicts his statements a bit after leaving McLaren.

“Oh yeah, I will, and even if the car isn’t that good. Yes, my plan is to stay at least two or three years. « 

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