Formula 1 | Alonso open to FIA comments after Austin race

Fernando Alonso said he was open to listen to FIA Race Director Michael Masi’s explanation of why Kimi Raikkonen’s off-track overtaking was ruled legal at the US Grand Prix.

In Texas, Raikkonen was alongside Alonso throughout the starting straight before attempting to pass outside the first turn, a move that ended off the track after the Finn was forced to go.

Unlike other cases, Raikkonen was in no rush to surrender the position, a situation Masi is expected to clarify during the drivers briefing tomorrow.

« I’m ready to listen to whatever they want to say, but that’s exactly what I don’t want to happen, » explains Alonso in Mexico.

« There are a lot of other things we should be discussing at this meeting tomorrow such as the first lap, they removed the bumps on the outside after the problem in Formula 4 and the car that went outside the first one turn and there were three or four cars that went off. « 

« So I would love to talk about these cars like we talked about Sochi [avec la chicane en sortie du premier virage]. « 

« If you watch football, if you take the ball off the field, it’s lost. It’s crisp and clear. So you don’t have to repeat that all the time. F1 has to get to that for the runway limits. « 

Track limits have been a common topic in recent years, with the clerk’s notes changing the definition of track limits quite often in the middle of a weekend.

Alonso wants answers « always very constructive and very positive because we all want to race as fairly as possible and we try to solve all the problems. »

« Because sometimes it’s not just the driver’s input or the race itself, it’s just the nature of the circuit. »

« In Sochi you will always have more problems than at Silverstone or on different circuits. But we are trying to work together for a better solution. »

“It’s not frustration. I try to be fair and put on a show for the people in the stands and on TV. We have a lot of fans all over the world and we saw the race in Austin. , how fantastic it was to see the grandstands full of people. These people deserve a show, but a fair show. « 

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