Formula 1 | Alonso believes he has a record to match his level in F1

The preponderant role of a single-seater in a driver’s track record is often debated. For Fernando Alonso, these discussions around merit are irrelevant, the Spaniard believing that a driver will always get what he deserves in the end.

« No I don’t think so, I think you get what you deserve » Alonso said. « There are a few examples where you could say that something is unfair about the way some people win championships or races, when there may be better people on the grid. »

« But we’ll never know because we’re all in different cars. And vice versa, there are a lot of talented drivers who haven’t even made it to Formula 1, and it’s unfair because I raced with it. a lot of drivers in younger categories who have been exceptional. « 

« They’ve won a lot of championships in karting, in Formula 3, in other categories, but they’ve never had the chance to drive a Formula 1 car. It’s the same here now on the grid, we have 20 very good drivers, 90% of whom will never win a race in their Formula 1 career. « 

For his part, Alonso does not consider himself aggrieved by his career record, in F1 and outside: « And it’s unfair because they deserve it. When I think about my career, I was lucky to win two championships. »

“When I think of my career too, I think of Le Mans, Daytona, the endurance world championship and the karting world championship? I had more than I dreamed of when I started my career. So I will never consider my results unfair or unlucky. « 

Two titles in three seasons where he had the best F1

Alonso played for the title in 2010 and 2012 with Ferrari, but doesn’t think he had the best car in those years: « In F1 I would say I drove the best car three times, probably. »

« In the first half of 2005, and then Kimi [Räikkönen] and McLaren were faster but they lacked reliability. I think in 2006, in the first half of the championship, or the first six or seven races, we had the best car. « 

« And then Ferrari and maybe Bridgestone came up with a really fast package. And in 2007 I think it was pretty even. I don’t think we had a clearly faster car. »

« McLaren was faster in some races and Ferrari in others, so I think during those three years in F1 I had a really good opportunity to win championships and took two out of three, so it’s good. »

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