Formula 1 | Alfa Romeo scores no points but is satisfied with the performance


Another scoreless weekend for Alfa Romeo in Qatar, who started from far too far on the grid to hope for a top 10 on a regular basis. Left 16th and 18th, Kimi Raïkkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi finally climbed to 14th and 15th final positions.

Kimi Räikkönen finished the Grand Prix a few seconds behind Ricciardo’s McLaren and Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri and draws some positive results from this performance.

« I’m surprised by all the overtaking we were able to do, it was an interesting race. I didn’t expect much at the start, at least not to struggle given the performance yesterday, but we had a good start and things continued to improve as the race progressed. « 

« I had some good battles and in the end we were catching up with the McLaren and AlphaTauri who were ahead of us. Considering our position at the start, we can be happy with our race today. »

Antonio Giovinazzi also believes that the team achieved the best possible result in Qatar.

“We did our best, I don’t think I could have finished better than 15th today. We had a great first round, gaining four places, and then we had some good battles the rest of the day. evening. We were struggling yesterday, but we knew that with a good race we would be able to finish ahead of the Haas and Williams. « 

« We went for two stops because we knew the tire degradation would be high today and the curbs would be a problem, and in the end we were faster than our rivals. It was a good race. »

Frédéric Vasseur, the team leader, agrees with his drivers and focuses on the positive.

« Our Sunday afternoon was better than the rest of the weekend which was complicated, our cars having suffered on this track. Our pace during practice, qualifying and then the race was affected by damage received during the various sessions, so being able to get ahead of the Haas and the Williams is a positive thing. « 

“Our two riders had a good start and good overtaking, and at the finish we were less than three seconds behind Ricciardo and Tsunoda. Fourteenth and fifteenth is the maximum we could achieve today. We now have a week to go. bring the team together after this treble of races and before the last two rounds of the season. « 


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