Formula 1 | Alfa Romeo F1 claims to have reduced its reliance on Ferrari

Alfa Romeo is using less and less of the elements supplied by Ferrari, a choice assumed by technical director Jan Monchaux, who believes it is the right direction for the team to take as F1 pushes more and more towards standardization rooms.

The Hinwil-based team is experiencing (despite?) this choice a significant improvement in its form at the start of the 2022 season, while Ferrari is a benchmark with Red Bull at present.

Monchaux explains that this independence was chosen for multiple reasons, in particular for questions of technical freedom but also to control its own expenses in the new era of budgetary ceilings.

“We no longer use anything from Ferrari other than the power unit and transmission,” explains Monchaux.

“We have reduced the extent of our supply at Ferrari, developing our own fuel tank, our own external structure for the gearbox and our own rear suspension.

« All of this for two reasons. The first is the budget cap, because it’s better for us to go in that direction. And secondly, it also gives us a bit more freedom in this first season to develop our concept without being constrained by the work of our Italian friends. »

Valtteri Bottas therefore finds something close to what he knew at Mercedes F1.

« Yes, the team now does almost everything itself. I feel that people are working harder than ever. That’s the feeling I have. Because we know it’s so close now between the teams. , and if you can make progress, you have to have freedom. »

« Obviously it has to work, you have this fear of having to go back because Ferrari did a very good job with its car. But it works. So it’s a joy to put all our effort into it, to try and improve. I really feel like I’m in the right place, like in a factory team. »

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