Formula 1 | Alesi supports Ferrari and calls on the Tifosi to unite: Negativity does nothing

Alesi supports Ferrari and calls (...)

While Ferrari has made several strategic mistakes this season and reliability has also cost many points, some Tifosi are starting to lose patience and are demanding accountability, especially from Scuderia director Mattia Binotto.

Himself a former driver of the « Rossa » in F1, Jean Alesi knows the pressure incumbent on any member of Ferrari. And if he understands the growing frustration among fans of the prancing horse, the Avignonnais calls for calm because anger will not improve the situation, on the contrary.

« It’s a season that feels like a roller coaster, and that heightens emotions and reactions. Dreaming of a victory that turns into a defeat can awaken passions that remind me of what can be experienced in football, » said the Frenchman

« I too suffer thinking about Hungary. Mistakes were made even before the wrong strategy. But going against Ferrari is not good for any fan, and it won’t do the team any good either. »

« I say that while understanding every explosion because passion is made of strong feelings. We could analyze the race and try to understand the why and how, but now is not the right time to do it. »

« For my part, I rather think that it should be used to unite together, not to destroy. Because negativity never brings anything good. »

« Right now, I want to give all my love to the men of Ferrari because they are the ones who suffer the most after every mistake, after every defeat. »

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