Formula 1 | Alesi: Money is a problem for F1 promotion

Alesi: Money is a problem (...)

Jean Alesi is happy that his son Giuliano can race in Japan, regretting that young drivers and promotion formulas are the prerogative of rich drivers on the Old Continent, to lead to F1.

« In Europe, F1 teams have their programs to develop young talents, but in the end the problem remains money » Alesi told « Four drivers in Formula 1 today are sons of millionaires, that’s the reality. »

« But Japan’s training programs don’t mean only millionaires can get in. Compared to Europe, it’s more reasonable. It’s the big problem in Europe and it’s become the biggest problem that I had with Giuliano. »

« There’s always been Mazepin, Norris, Latifi, Stroll, who all went to F1, and there are a lot of drivers like that in Europe. Money is more important than your performance as a driver. »

The Frenchman confirms that each F2 season played by his son has cost two million euros: « In any category, even if you do well, you will need a lot of money to move up. This is an unacceptable and strange system for us. »

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