Formula 1 | Albon: Verstappen is the most gifted driver I have ever faced

Albon: Verstappen is the driver (...)

Alex Albon, who was Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull for a year and a half between 2019 and 2020, gave us some insight into the Dutchman’s approach during a race weekend. And the Williams F1 driver recognizes that he would like to display the same calm as his counterpart.

The Thai replaced Pierre Gasly at short notice at Red Bull in 2019, becoming Verstappen’s teammate. But after a 2020 season where he was copiously dominated, he found himself without a seat last year. And he is visibly still marked by what he saw at the time.

« I would say he is the most gifted driver I have ever faced, » Albon said.

« It’s hard to compare your teammates, but he drives like he breathes, there’s no room for politics. He’s very direct and relaxed at the same time. People don’t necessarily know that side of him, but he’s so calm, I wish I could be so calm. »

Albon remembers in particular that before a qualifying session, « Max could play FIFA for example on his computer, and he opened ‘FIFA packs’ just before playing the session. »

And the Thai to say more about the qualities of the reigning world champion.

« He is very precise in the way he handles the car. What he expects from his car is very different from what the majority of drivers expect. He wants it to be very aggressive in the corners, it’s incredible. . »

While Verstappen’s riding style may appear soft from the outside, Albon assures that it is not.

« No, he’s not. I’ve always been known as a driver who likes to have a lot of front grip to control the car more precisely. Then this guy came along. He was giving me the felt like I was driving a bus. »

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