Formula 1 | Activism: Glock defends Hamilton, Vettel, and their critics

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are seen as Formula 1 activists, engaging in environmental and social causes. For Timo Glock, they are right to do it if it matters to them, but they must also accept criticism.

« Fortunately, we live in a society where everyone can express their opinion » Glock said. « You can say what’s important to you. So don’t criticize Sebastian if he speaks his mind as a public figure, gets involved and wants to wake people up. »

« But neither should he criticize those who disagree. Someone can certainly tell him that it is not consistent to advocate for sustainability on one side while on the other, he races in circles with a car. At the end of the day, everyone has to decide for themselves. « 

Glock believes that Vettel no longer feels comfortable in Formula 1, especially for questions of values. But according to him, it is not conceivable that Formula 1 tell Vettel to say less about it.

“It seems that Sebastian’s values ​​no longer match those of Formula 1. I can imagine that the organizers and some fans don’t like this. On the other hand, what should they do? Certainly not. Seb has done too much for that. « 

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