Formula 1 | According to Piastri, a program parallel to F1 would be useless

Oscar Piastri will not be driving anywhere other than Formula 1 this year, even if he only inherited a reserve role. The Australian, reigning F2 champion, judges that it would disrupt his learning with Alpine F1, if he were to race elsewhere.

« I’m going to be quite busy even if I don’t drive a lot, we are setting up a big test program » Piastri told Auto Action.

« There will be quite a few days if you consider it’s F1 testing and it’s not particularly cheap. I’ll be able to drive a bit. »

“Not necessarily in racing conditions, but the way I see it is that I will prepare for F1. I think it’s much more useful to try out in F1 than trying to learn a new job. »

Piastri’s name was once considered at Alfa Romeo F1, when it was likely he would win F2 and become ineligible to stay there. But he says he is happy with Alpine’s choice of reservist role, believing that the trust granted by the French manufacturer is important.

« It would have been amazing if I could have been in F1 this year, realistically I’m not sure it would have been the right decision. Even from the start I didn’t have discussions with Alfa. I don’t know if my management did, but I don’t think so. »

« I will never have to worry about how the situation would have turned out. There were obviously a lot of other candidates, but I also wanted to stick with Alpine. They have been great with me for the past two years, and chose me as their reserve driver this year. »

« Over the past two years there have not been many young reserve drivers, and certainly not many young reserve drivers being alone in this role, so I think that says a lot about Alpine’s commitment to me. »

The Australian driver also notes that his test program will be much larger than that of other young drivers recently: « Furthermore, setting up this testing program is quite important. »

« I don’t think it’s a program we’ve seen for a young driver in a while, which is fantastic too. So for me it made sense to stay with Alpine, even if it meant a year on the sidelines. . »

Piastri does not yet know what fate has in store for him next year: « To be honest, I don’t know. It’s very early to start thinking about these kinds of things. I think we’ll have a better idea of ​​the situation after the start of the season. »

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