Formula 1 | A14 Management: Alonso launches into pilot management

Fernando Alonso continues to delve into the careers of young drivers and supporting future motorsport stars. After his academy and his karting circuit, he launched A14 Management, a career management company for young drivers.

« The intention is to select a small group of drivers and instill in them the essential values ​​to achieve their goals with the support of the best team with a great experience in motorsports » explains Alonso.

This management agency will help pilots to « achieve their goals through physical training, advice on decision-making and financial management »among other key points.

Alonso reconsidered his hopes for the year and admits that he especially wants to have a good Formula 1 season. He does not comment on Alpine F1’s objectives but above all indicates his hope of having a good time.

« It must be a good year. Part of ‘El Plan’ is to be a little excited, which we miss. After the pandemic, and with what we see in Ukraine, we have to learn to live happily with this that we have. That’s it, ‘El Plan’, it’s about learning to live happily in the present. »

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