Formula 1 | A salary cap for pilots, ‘a very complicated subject’ for Alonso

A salary cap for pilots,

While capped budgets are at the center of all attention on the teams’ side, with behind-the-scenes negotiations to have an increase to counter inflation and the explosion in the cost of transport, F1 is already getting started, as we reported to you during the Monaco weekend, on a new financial project.

Indeed, discussions have begun for the introduction of a salary cap, targeting both key team personnel and… the drivers. Of course the top teams (to read here) did not welcome this news in the same way as the smaller teams (to read here).

Regarding the desire to cap the salary of the pilots, the idea was quickly qualified as total idiocy by Raymond Vermeulen, the manager of Max Verstappen.

What do the pilots think? Fernando Alonso was asked about the subject and opposes it for good reasons.

« I don’t think it’s necessary. The drivers have always been out of it, and I think they’re using us more and more to promote Formula 1. We’re doing more and more events, we We’re getting more and more in touch with the fans. »

« They ask us more and more and they take advantage of it. So we should be outside this ceiling. Or else we should be paid on commission. But how to evaluate that? It’s a very complicated subject. »

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