Formula 1 | 4 out of 10 recruits at Mercedes F1 are now from diversity

Last year, encouraged by Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes launched the “Accelerate 25” programme: a five-year plan to encourage diversity in the F1 team. The objective was to ensure that the new recruits of the team are, up to 25%, from diversity, or women.

Mercedes was pleased to announce that this target had already been exceeded by 2021: 38% of new recruits come from these minority groups (and who still remain…) in the team.

14% of the team’s employees are now female employees, while the team has 6% people from minority ethnic groups.

48 students are also about to complete the Mercedes-supported STEM course at Mulberry Academy, which includes representatives of diversity (100 more students will start their course). So many potential recruits for Mercedes…

Workshops have been set up for all employees, in particular with recruiters, so that they take into account the “unconscious bias” in their recruitment choices. A “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” Forum has also been set up: 25 volunteer members, also from minorities, discuss possible measures to be taken to go further.

Toto Wolff, team manager, was delighted with the already spectacular progress of the Mercedes program…

“In the first year of our Accelerate 25 program, we have made promising progress in developing a more diverse and inclusive team. Through detailed internal review and guidance from our great partners, we have been able to take the first steps in our journey by facilitating access to STEM education and careers and building a pool of talents who we hope will consider joining us in the future. »

“Seeing a small but significant increase in the number of our team members from underrepresented groups is a sign that we are making progress, but we are fully aware that this is a long-term commitment and we We look forward to continuing this momentum. »

Paul Mills, Human Resources Director at Mercedes F1, commented on the results of his actions:

“Looking back, looking back on our first full year of Accelerate 25, I feel very proud of the enthusiastic commitment of so many of our colleagues who gave their time to support training, networking, mentoring and various other program events. The team enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to learn from and engage with underrepresented groups, to inspire and encourage them to consider a career in STEM. We all continue to benefit from our collaboration with our fantastic partner. »

“It is very gratifying to hear the comments of the students and young people we have worked with this year and to see their passion. Although we are off to a good start, there is still much to do, and this is just the beginning of our journey to make our team and our sport more inclusive and diverse. »

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