Formula 1 | 24 Hours of Le Mans: The FIA ​​would like F1 and the WEC to avoid each other


FIA Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid wants to address the date conflict between F1 and the WEC for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 2001 world rally champion co-driver thinks that the centenary edition, next year, could be the occasion for the two disciplines to make an effort.

« I was seated at a dinner last night opposite Pierre Fillon, so I certainly know the ACO’s view on the subject, particularly with the centenary edition coming up next year » Reid said.

« One of the challenges we have is that the FIA ​​doesn’t have autonomy over the calendars. The WEC works the same way as all the FIA ​​championships, which is that the promoter offers a calendar and then it is up to the FIA ​​to accept this calendar or not. »

« In some championships it’s limited to safety or other issues. Formula 1 is slightly different in that they decide the calendar. I think it’s a matter of negotiation. »

« But I would be very supportive of there being no conflict, in general. But specifically for next year, it would be a good opportunity for us to have no conflict, and that could become the norm. in the future. »

The FIA ​​wants to have its say

Reid reveals that he and FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem want to have a say in such decisions in the future: « We inherited that situation. The way the Formula 1 Commission is set up gives the FIA ​​the ability to decide not to support certain things. »

“You will all have seen with Sprint races that the FIA ​​President has decided to delay his support for the F1 commission for increased Sprints until he understands the situation.

« I know a lot of journalists have made a big deal out of it. I’m not sure it’s as important as people say. But it’s a way for the FIA ​​to make sure things are going well. leadership, and not just agree all the time. »

The Briton confirms that he wants to find an agreement between WEC and F1 so that the centenary edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans has no competition: « I have to talk to the president about it, but I think for next year, especially the centenary year, it would be a very good thing not to have a clash. »

« And then let’s look at what we can do in the future. We’re starting to run out of weekends now that the championships have more and more rounds. »

« Someone joked yesterday that Formula 1 could have 56 races in a 52-week year. It’s a challenge. But the sport is growing, and you have to take advantage of this time when the sport is doing well. and where more people want to get involved. »


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