Former Stig scares off passenger in Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

For years, Ben Collins has had the best of both worlds. He could live the high automotive life as a Stig in Top Gear, but as a pilot always in helmet, he also enjoyed the anonymity that so many famous people seek.

Today it still has a strong presence in the automotive world because, let’s be honest, Bugatti isn’t handing over to just anyone the key to a $ 3.5 million Chiron Super Sport, which develops 1,600. horses and reaches 440 km / h.

Luckily, Collins takes us with him in this DriveTribe video. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this incredibly powerful Bugatti in action, but with a seasoned racing driver like Collins behind the wheel, you get a different perspective on the deceptive speed – and demand – of the car. car when pushed on a public road.

In reality, we are not even sure that the Chiron was pushed very hard on the roads of Mont Sainte-Odile, near Molsheim, in Alsace. Collins is seen to be pushing the Bugatti around the bends, but more than once he points out that you have to be very careful with the accelerator, lest the rear stick out. At one point, he admits to not having fully depressed the accelerator during the trip in the mountains. And when he finally does, a curse escapes and he looks like he’s scared a little bit at the same time. The Stig? Nervous? A Chiron Super Sport was needed for that!

Besides, Ben Collins is not alone in the car, he has a passenger: the famous Bugatti test driver and racing legend, Andy Wallace. This is a man who has actually driven the Super Sport at 490 km / h, but the perspective from the passenger seat is a little different.

Apparently, this is especially true when the Stig is behind the wheel, as Wallace « thanks » Collins for scaring him. It might have been a funny joke for the camera, but seeing how Wallace clings to his seat belt later in the video, he’s obviously not very comfortable.

Besides, if we were in the passenger seat of a 1600 horsepower car on a mountain road with the Stig behind the wheel, who wouldn’t be worried?

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