Former NFL has a whole advice for Josh Allen ahead of his playoff game against the Pats

Saturday night, in the first round of the NFL playoffs, the Patriots will visit the Bills in Buffalo in what will be the third meeting between the two teams this season.

The two teams shared meetings during the campaign as the Pats won a game in the snow in Buffalo while the Bills got their revenge in Foxboro. Now division champions, the Bills have the honor of hosting their rivals at home, but Mother Nature has a few surprises up her sleeve for the weekend.

You may have noticed, but there has been a no worse cold snap for a few days and Buffalo is no exception.

Saturday evening in Buffalo, the temperature could drop to -20 degrees celcius. Let’s say it changes the approach of the two teams.

Bart Scott and his private counsel

ESPN analyst Bart Scott, a long-time NFL player for the Ravens and Jets who is familiar with games in winter weather, said in all earnestness to the world on air this week that several players, to his time, took Viagra before games when the temperature dropped too low.

And he said in all seriousness.

According to him, Viagra helps with blood circulation and provides better endurance in the field.

Since we know that Josh Allen does not play his best football when the ball is frozen, could he turn to « alternative medicine » according to Dr. Bart Scott?

We assume not, especially that, imagine a long football game to hide your erection under a protective shell on the ground surrounded by high definition cameras.

Seems like a very risky plan…

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