Former Manchester United player Patrice Evra reveals he was sexually assaulted as a teenager

At 40, Patrice Evra decided to publicly reveal the sexual abuse he suffered when he was still a teenager. In an interview with the British daily The Times, Friday, October 22, and before the release of his autobiography in English « I Love This Game » (to be published on October 28), the former Manchester United player indeed returned to a episode in his life that he had never mentioned before.

The former French international was only 13 years old when the events occurred. Facts that have « devastated » his mother when she learned about it, according to Patrice Evra. « It was a complicated time for me, I still have to tell a few of my siblings and close friends about it. », he explains before specifying: « I don’t want people to have pity. »

« It was a huge shock for her », continues the former French international, who retired in 2018 after a last freelance at West Ham. « She was telling me that I shouldn’t talk about this in my book, that it was private, but that’s when I said to her ‘Mom, this is not about me, this is for d ‘other children’, she told me she was OK, that she understood. I don’t want children to find themselves in the same situation and be ashamed of themselves. « 

« I know the book is going to change the way people think about me but I’m more than happy to talk about it. I’m a better version of myself (…) the biggest pressure has been on it. tell my mother. Even now, it’s hard to talk to her about it. « 

Patrice Evra also states that he has not yet given serious thought to the prosecution, although his mother had suggested prosecuting the assailant, a former teacher, and that he had received calls from the police during his stay in Monaco, where he spent four seasons between 2002 and 2006.

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