Former LOSC thinks he is « the best midfielder in the Premier League »


The answer may seem surprising, but Yves Bissouma (25) does consider himself the best Premier League player in his role.

Asked about the level of the Premier League, the former Lille resident Yves Bissouma – who is now the delight of Brighton fans – did not hesitate to place himself at the top of the list of midfielders in front of a few names high-sounding like Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, N’Golo Kanté or Paul Pogba. « I don’t want to be arrogant, but it’s my state of mind », explained the Malian at the microphone of the BBC.

“For me, I’m the best. Because in my head, I work to be the best. I know that in the Premier League there are a lot of good midfielders. But for me, it’s me. It gives me the confidence and the energy to show people that yes, I am here. I am (Yves) Bissouma. (…) I just want to focus on my football and play every game, every week, to be good and to help my team win. The rest you will see in the future. « 


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