Former All-Star praises Kyrie: « Mohamed Ali would be proud of you »

Kyrie Irving will become the symbol of a struggle that goes far beyond the framework of sport. By openly refusing to be vaccinated, the leader becomes the spokesperson for all those who fight against health restrictions … He receives many supports, including that of a former All-Star.

Kyrie Irving is now much more than a basketball player, he is a symbol of the fight against health restrictions for unvaccinated people in the United States. And it is a status that he must particularly appreciate, since his relatives recently confessed that the leader of the Nets wanted to become the voice of those who do not have one in the media

And to assume this role of spokesperson for anti-vaccines and « health anti-pass », Uncle Drew finally came out of his silence this Wednesday duringa particularly followed Instagram live. He gave clear indications on the rest of his career, responding in particular to retirement rumors, but also on how he planned to prepare in the event of the lifting of restrictions in the state of New York.

Kyrie – Ali, symbols of a social and political struggle

If his teammates are undoubtedly very frustrated by the situation, and in particular a James Harden very annoyed in front of the cameras in press conference, Kyrie Irving can count on the support of many influential personalities… During his live Instagram, he notably received a strong message from Stephon Marbury, former All-Star, who did not hesitate to compare with Mohamed Ali…

Mohamed Ali would be proud of you.

Mohamed Ali remains today the symbol of the social and political struggle in sport, and Kyrie Irving could get closer to it with this fight against compulsory vaccination.

But the comparison can end there. The greatest boxer of all time fought against US imperialism and endangered his career by refusing to take part in a war that killed more than a million civilians … At a time when African Americans still had to to fight for their rights was a heroic decision, especially since he did not have the financial security to live easily. And then Mohamed Ali was a fervent advocate of vaccination, so no, he probably wouldn’t be proud of Kyrie Irving …

Some New York City kids won’t go to school in September because it’s the law! The law states that if children are not vaccinated against serious illnesses, they cannot go to school. The law also says that you have to go to school. Then you have no choice. Get them vaccinated.

Comparisons between Kyrie Irving and Mohamed Ali are more and more numerous on social networks, which does not do justice to the memory of the boxer. It was for vaccination, even compulsory, so difficult to imagine supporting the movedefinitely worn by Kyrie …

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