Ford Says Double Priced F-150 Lightning In Dealership Was An « Error », But Doesn’t Address Others


Automotive production lines still aren’t making enough vehicles to fill the need that dealers have on lots and with that in mind, many dealers have resorted to charging wild markups on vehicles in an effort to pad their bottom line. Now, one Ford spokesperson says that a dealer in Florida mistakenly marked up an F-150 Lightning by $69,000 but they’re not saying anything about the others.

First posted on the, a photograph of the truck’s window sticker in question shows the markup in addition to a $1,495 fee for “Dealer Installed Accessories”. After looking at a breakdown of the items included we’re not so sure they’re worth the price either.

Included are a first aid kit, a roadside assistance kit, nitrogen-filled tires, and get this, fender well liners. Additionally, a Vehicle Environmental Protection Package adds paint sealant and fabric stain protection. Keen-eyed fans might notice the blue on this window sticker though and that’s significant.

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Blue window stickers or Monroney labels are only affixed to mannequins or test models which are not actually for sale. In this particular instance, the F-150 Lightning seen here is specifically used for test drives in an effort to help prospective customers get a better feeling for what they’d end up with should they decide to order one.

Mike Levine, a spokesperson with Ford specifically mentioned this truck’s demo unit status as he called out an article in Teslarati that highlighted the markup. He clarified the situation by saying that the $69k price hike was simply an error where the MSRP was inserted twice. Obviously, the sticker was removed and replaced within 24 hours.

While it’s nice of Mr. Levine to publicly explain the situation, that didn’t stop a number of commenters from replying to him with further questions about other markups that don’t seem to be mistakes. One Twitter user with the handle @Future_yas sent Levine screenshots of no less than seven more trucks with considerable markups.

There were a number of users sending similar messages. As of this writing, neither Ford nor its CEO or even Mr. Levine has yet to directly address these specific messages and quite frankly, the silence is deafening.


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