forbidden to go up to National 3, Tours FC awaits explanations


The regional club control commission has banned Tours FC from entering National 3 next season, while the results on the ground should allow the climb.

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The news is reminiscent of an inexorable descent into hell which questions the future of Tours FC. The team had however finished first in its Regional 1 group with 64 points, and logically had to find the National 3 which it had left in the summer of 2021 for financial reasons.

But according to information revealed by La Nouvelle République, the regional club control commission (CRCC) has banned the rise of the club next season.

Contacted by France Bleu Touraine, Richard Plantureux, right-hand man of the current owner of Tours FC Jean-Marc Ettori, indicates however that they have not yet received « official decision, simply a statement of decision, neither dated nor signed, which informs us that we are not going up« .

« It is unclear what prompted this decision. It should reach us by the weekend, and depending on what is indicated, we will see what we decide to do“, He continues. To know whether to appeal this sanction or not.

Would it still be for a question of money? The club has indeed experienced several demotions or bans between 2018 and 2021, including three for financial reasons.

The professional sports limited company (or SASP which has been running the professional part of the club since 2013), is today facing €4 million in debt. And the association, ie the amateur part, has a deficit of €139,000.

It is also to pay off these debts and revive the club that the president had proposed a 10-year continuation plan, which was validated by the Tours commercial court last May.

Richard Plantureux also claims to have provided the CRCC with new documents, Monday June 27 and Tuesday June 28, on promises of investment and future shareholders.

Faced with this situation, he told France Bleu Touraine to be « worried about the social aspect. We are talking about 24 employees and 500 licensees“. Because the rise in National 3 was one of the essential conditions for the recovery plan.


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