For US sports and the NBA, beIN Sports goes all out!

For the 10th year of broadcasting NBA games – yes, already! – beIN puts the small dishes in the big and famous, not only the NBA league but American basketball as a whole, AND puts US sports in the spotlight.

Indeed, at the dawn of the 75th year of the NBA and after these long months of famine during which the public had to chomp on the brakes, beIN Sports decided to expand its offer of US sports to fill the period of lack. .

Positive points for beIN Sports and basketball in France nonetheless: the Olympic Games and the good performance of the France team, added to interesting transfers in the NBA, instilled a new dynamic on which it would be welcome to “surf” to start the season.

BeIN Sports therefore sets up a royal system and rolls out the red carpet:

We go into Prime Time; what is new for a US sport; and we gain 15 minutes more.

The shock team, made up of Mary PATRUX, Rémi REVERCHON, Xavier VAUTION, Eric MICOUD, Jacques MONCLAR and Chris SINGLETON, is growing: Ian MAHINMI will join the Dream Team!

NBA beIN Sports consultants
The BeIN Sports x NBA team of consultants: from left to right: Chris Singleton, Rémi Reverchon, Xavier Vauthion, Mary Patrux and Jacques Monclar

Ian MAHINMI, as a reminder, is a young “retiree” of the NBA, 34 years old who played in Le Havre, and who went through the Spurs, the Mavericks, the Pacers and the Wizards. He has in his suitcases an NBA title won in 2011 with the Dallas Mavericks.

The recipe is simple at BeIN, we take people who know what they are talking about: no more multi-cap commentators who know everything but experts in nothing. Here, we have to deal with specialists, practitioners, who know the environment, institutions, athletes, executives but also the calendar and important events and when they go there, know their colleagues and who have already their marks on the spot.

For Florent HOUZOT, the editorial director of BeIN Sport, this approach is part of the idea of ​​a long-distance race: “the recognition of the NBA for the work accomplished is the fruit of several years of investment with the league but also with basketball fans, for all the work on US sports.”For him, this consecration came with the holding of the Global Games NBA match, no longer in London but in Paris in 2020.

The proof is that the channel broadcasts 2 games per day, offers game replay as well as the NBA Extra.

So that the offer is complete and explain the basics of basketball, the channel will broadcast, from this year, the college basketball season with 2 games per week. For the uninitiated, college basketball is truly the NBA’s anti-chamber since almost all NBA players have rehearsed their ranges on one of the college teams involved in NCAA.

The course is simple: young people follow a normal school curriculum and then enter university and can enter the NCAA league but for that they must obtain a scholarship, the Holy Grail for many of them who could not make it. pay the exorbitant tuition fees of some of its universities !! All the matches are broadcast live on television and the students are elevated to the rank of star, with the objective: to participate in “March Madness”, the equivalent of the NBA play-offs, one of the most watched sporting events in France. USA and which obviously attracts all recruiters from NBA teams, on the lookout for the new nugget or the player who will strengthen the professional workforce of the franchise.

In short, if you love basketball, then the NCAA Championship will lay the groundwork for what next season will be like and you will be betting on the next talent before your friends even hear about it.

And as before, the channel continues to broadcast the entire WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) season, that is, the 20 regular season games and 15 playoff games.

To complete the offer on US sports, BeIN will also broadcast the entire NFL (National Football League: American Football) and MLB (Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball) season. With this, you are spoiled for choice for your favorite team’s cap on your head, in the sport of your choice.

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