For Tracy McGrady, Tony Parker should have been among the best players in NBA history | NBA

Unveiled last month by the NBA, the list of 75 76 (tie requires) best players in history has been the subject of much ink since. Many are therefore surprised not to find the names of Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Klay Thompson, Vince Carter or even Manu Ginobili.

A month later, Tracy McGrady, also considered one of these great “forgotten”, still does not understand the absence of “TP”, his former teammate with the Spurs, at the time of the 2013 playoffs.

 » Tony Parker deserves to be on this list », He believes, for Sports Illustrated.  » In my opinion, there are players who are not there but who should be there. There are others who are there but shouldn’t be. I have a feeling that players off this list have better resumes than some on it. « 

And Tracy McGrady to continue, by evoking the case of Dwight Howard to support her point.

 » Dwight Howard deserves to be on this list for the eight straight years he’s been extremely dominant He adds.  » And I can’t believe some of the names they picked up, like Anthony Davis for example. I don’t want to disrespect him but, before he joined LeBron James and won a title with the Lakers… I mean, you really think if Anthony Davis retired now he would have a better career than Dwight Howard? Because this is not the case. « 

Disappointment digested for Tony Parker and Dwight Howard

For their part, Tony Parker as Dwight Howard have nevertheless assured to be now at peace with this list.

 » The most important for me is the Hall of Fame, because it is what remains in time Parker reacted last week.  » Of course I would have been happy to be on this list, but they didn’t touch the Top 50 [de 1996, ndlr], so it was hard to choose 25 or 26 players, over the last 25 years. But it made me happy to see that I was in the Top 3 of the forgotten, with Klay Thompson and Pau Gasol. Afterwards, it is the tastes and the colors … […] And I much prefer my career to that of some who are in the [26] new. I would much rather win titles, have memories engraved forever with my family and friends, then enter the Hall of Fame, than be on this list. « 

 » I should probably be in it, but it’s ok Howard confided last week as well. «  I’m not angry about it anymore, maybe I was for 30 seconds. Then I was like ‘Life is good, I’m alive and I’m still playing basketball after 18 seasons in the league’. Who cares about a list that was made by people who have never played basketball before? Who ? « 

However, it should be remembered that it is precisely players, current and former, who have drawn up this list, in the company of coaches, managers and journalists.

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