For the NBA, the marches were out of control and so action had to be taken

It is clear that NBA referees have been instructed to better enforce the walk rule since the start of the season. The whistles multiply as well, and if it growls among the players, Joe Dumars ensures that it had become necessary.

“When I arrived at the NBA offices, I realized that there are constant debates about the rules and the points on which to press. And one of those points was to say that you had to start whistling those third, fourth, even sometimes fifth steps that a player could take, ”explains the executive vice-president of the league.  » This is unacceptable. It was one of the important messages at the start of the season. The message to the referees was: ‘If you see something, whistle it. Don’t make it up, don’t look for it if it isn’t there. But if you see it, whistle it,’” he explained. “Some ask what’s going on with the walkers. I answer them: ‘Are you talking about the third and fourth steps? This is precisely why we whistle them. It is a point on which we insisted, and the players will adjust. They always do”.

The former « Bad Boy » from Detroit recognizes all the same that it may take some time to adapt, players having become accustomed to having one or more extra steps to attack opposing defenders…

“I was in a meeting last week and made a presentation about it. And I said this: ‘Of all the points that we’ve been emphasizing, freedom of movement, unnatural offensive moves, all of those things, the one that’s going to take the longest is going to be walking it. You’ve got guys doing these moves since they were teenagers, since they were kids. They’ve seen guys do these moves and they’ve grown up doing these moves. So it’s coded in them to do these movements. And now we tell them: ‘You can’t do that, you can’t take three or four steps’. So the players are going to adapt, they’re going to get there, but I firmly believe that’s what’s going to take the players the longest time. »

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