For the boss of Porsche GT, lap times on the Nürburgring matter

Often decried for their disconnection with the requirements of road use, the lap times on the Nürburgring are nevertheless of crucial importance according to Andreas Preuninger, head of the GT division at Porsche. In any case for sports of the caliber of the new GT3 RS.

It gives the client context, and purpose, he told “It puts the car in perspective against its competitors, and against its predecessor. It gives a tangible glimpse of what she can do. »

“And this for all customers: even if they are not able to reproduce these times themselves, it is good that they know that their machine, the instrument with which they satisfy their passion, is capable of that. »

“That way it’s clear that if they can’t reach that time, it’s not the car, but their own skill. It is then up to them to work to improve. The car then gives them all the conditions to achieve this. »

The car, according to Preuninger, must always be one step ahead of the driver. “The crucial point is that the active aero plays a considerable role in the ease of driving, the confidence that the car inspires. Everyone who’s driven it says how good it feels at the wheel of the Nürburgring. Even non-professionals. And that’s no small compliment, because the 992 GT3 is already the queen of the Ring. »

Preuninger points out that the faster you go with the new GT3 RS, the more confidence you have, as the downforce can then rival that of a racing GT3. “We are well within the window included in the balance of performance of a racing GT3, but with a machine approved for the road », he specifies.

“We didn’t think this was possible when we started the project. He also thinks it is an illusion to hope that the new GT3 RS will go after the GT2 RS Manthey Racing and its record from the summer of 2021.

« You have to be realistic, » he said. The GT2 RS with the MR package, for example, is 200 hp more, and a lot of torque. And on the Nürburgring there are three sections where you can really harness the power. »

“But we need this power. Logically, we save a lot of time in curves [avec la GT3 RS] but we may lose some, especially against the GT2 RS, on the straights. We are, however, curious to know if we can beat her. Personally, I have doubts. »

“I still think that the times will be quite close. It is much faster than a GT3. »

On a circuit, yes. But not on the Autobahn: the RS is 22 km/h slower than a standard GT3 at top speed… and it’s neither hot nor cold in Preuninger.

« Top speed is completely irrelevant, » he said. This is more or less the corollary of the aerodynamic assistance available to the car. »

The new GT3 RS is thus content with 296 km/h, when the GT3 reaches 318 km/h. Although Preuninger agrees that ideally this kind of sports car should obviously be as fast as possible on the straights on the circuit, he believes that the Vmax has no relevance on the road.

“If the car gets to its destination in as little time as possible, then that’s also good for lap times. I don’t care what she does on the Autobahn. In the UK you don’t have an Autobahn. Nowhere else in the world is there an Autobahn. So I don’t really care if this car is a little slower in a straight line, or on the Autobahn, than a GT3 or even a Carrera. It does not matter. The main thing is that it accelerates as quickly as possible to its top speed, because that’s what counts on the circuit,” he adds.

And the element of a GT3 RS is the track. CQFD.

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