For Leonardo Bonucci, Italy, finalist of the Euro, « has gained experience and enthusiasm »

Two days before the Euro final between England and Italy (Sunday July 11, 9 p.m.), Nazionale defender Leonardo Bonucci spoke on Friday at a press conference online, from Florence. « We’re going to play at their place, but that doesn’t scare us », launched the 34-year-old defender, last survivor, with his friend of the hinge, Giorgio Chiellini, of the final of Euro 2012, lost against Spain (0-4).

The experienced player of Juventus Turin ensures not to fear a favorable context for his opponent who will play at home, at Wembley. « What will happen during the match will be the best show for European and world football, from England, Italy and the referee. », he stressed.

For this match which will oppose the « Old » Italian defenders to  » youth «  English attackers, as he summed up with a smile, Bonucci claims «  great attention «  to his partners, especially in the face of the speed of the wingers and attackers of the Three Lions.

« This has helped us the year in addition, young and old alike »

« Harry Kane? We do not discover it today, it is one of the best in the world. In the last three matches, we were lucky to have met three of the best strikers in the world (with Romelu Lukaku (Belgium), Alvaro Morata (Spain)), it’s just an extra motivation ”, he explained.

Finally, for the experienced defender, Italy’s good journey this year can be explained in particular by the additional year of reconstruction, after the postponement of the Euro last year because of the coronavirus pandemic: “It helped us the year as well, young and old alike. During this year, we have gained experience and enthusiasm, which allows us to be here today, believing in something that, three years ago, seemed utopian. «  At the time, Italy had not qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

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