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Unable to reach 10 points in his first two games, stuck to 9 points both times at questionable percentages (4/14 then 4/11), Jalen Green had not yet managed to break the ice. It is now done!

The Rockets rookie did start the game with a successful first five attempts from behind the arc, so he logically smashed his own record by scoring 30 points to 11/18 overall and an insane 8/10 to 3-pointers. If that wasn’t enough to topple the Celtics, this performance illustrates the 19-year-old’s potential.

“He’s electric on the raises. He’s so explosive ”

« I just want him to play as freely as possible and to play well », reacted Stephen Silas in the Houston Chronicle. “He’s obviously very talented but he put a lot of pressure on himself to be successful and to be productive. [Hier soir], he didn’t put any pressure on himself, he just played his game. « 

Released on the outside shot, Jalen Green was able to let his incredible athleticism speak for the fast game. On an interception by Jae’Sean Tate, he took his impetus for a thunderous first dunk. Before putting it back, facing Jayson Tatum who quickly left, on a last dunk as violent as aerial!

“He’s electric on the raises. He’s so explosive ”, enthuses Jae’Sean Tate. “Everyone believes in him, his teammates as well as the coaching staff. It does the job. He shows it on a daily basis. Now he just has to find his ease. This is only his third game of the season. « 

In his first two games, it stuck at 2/11 at only 3 points but last night, Jalen Green had all the lights on the green. With this 8/10 behind the arc, he becomes the new record holder for 3-point successes for a rookie in Rockets history. However, he failed a march to equalize the “all time” record jointly held by Yogi Ferrell… and our Frenchy, Rodrigue Beaubois!

“My shots fell in. But I had the same mentality as usual. I wanted to win the game. I wanted to be involved and do the right reading. The difference is that my shots fell into it. « 

« I haven’t seen a single shot that I didn’t like »

If he had already reached 20 points in the preseason, with a 4/9 3-point, Jalen Green had not necessarily given guarantees on his ability to line up shots from afar.

The offensive fireworks against Boston will undoubtedly give him confidence for the future.

“After I had my first 3-point shot, I felt good. I haven’t seen a single shot that I didn’t like. I didn’t want to force anything either. I obviously want to win first and foremost. But if I have to finish at 30 [points] and 9 [passes] or 15 or 20, I will do whatever is possible to do. « 

In the statistical register, Jalen Green also becomes the third rookie (after Ja Morant and Trae Young) to reach the 30 point mark for his third outing as a professional.

Likewise, he reached the 30 point mark faster than LeBron James and Kobe Bryant but like Michael Jordan, it happened to him in his third game: “This is crazy, I didn’t know. It’s crazy to hear that. Michael Jordan did it in his third game? Wow, this is huge. « 

Scoring 30 points is good, but it’s not an end in itself either. Especially for a player of Jalen Green’s caliber who can claim a lot more. And in particular to become a « franchise player » for this team of the Rockets which is looking for a new face of the future.

« I just have to do the right readings », he concludes confidently. “They are not going to go under the screens as much and I have to involve my teammates a lot more. I know we’ve produced a lot of stagnant basketball. If they change on all screens, you can get the ball moving a lot and find the open player and make the game easier. I don’t think we’ve done enough. We must make progress on this. « 

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