For its 75 years, the NBA wants to get closer to European fans

To celebrate its 75th season, the NBA wants to strengthen the link with its European community, in particular with an augmented reality application and a renewed partnership with Twitter. Elisa Pettit, Senior Director, Events, Marketing and League Operations, and George Aivazoglou, Head of Fan Engagement and DTC, explain.

You use augmented reality in the app NBA Chasedown, launched on October 28. This is the first time that a sports league has used this technology. Why this choice ?

Elisa Pettit: We wanted to be bold and try something new in our 75th year. NBA Chasedown has combined cutting edge technology with a fun and accessible mobile gaming experience. So we want to give our fans the opportunity to interact with the NBA like never before. Unlike a physical event that ties you to a specific location, offering an app that uses location tracking and mapping technology has allowed us to try and connect with our fans wherever they are in their respective countries.

What do you expect from this application? What can this do for the NBA and the users?

EP: Users who play NBA Chasedown provide the league in Europe with information on where its fans are located in different countries, as well as additional data such as a team’s fan base. As for the users, they can engage with the league in an innovative way while being physically active. It’s also an opportunity for them to play and get prizes, such as a virtual meeting with Oklahoma City playmaker Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

On November 4, you announced the renewal of your partnership with Twitter. What is the expected goal?

George Aivazoglou: The goal is to continue to connect the NBA Twitter community to our game and our production as we celebrate our 75th season. We will therefore bring live interactive audio content to the new Twitter Spaces platform and lead NBA fans to this network, including them in broadcasts of league games and direct consumer offers. Our Partnership Extension will bring additional content on this tool throughout the season and beyond. The NBA’s 40 Twitter Spaces will feature 75th anniversary-themed versions. These will revolve around flagship events such as Christmas Day, the NBA All-Star and the League Finals, with the aim of highlighting certain players, as well as legends and other family members. . They will have the opportunity to discuss the scenarios of the various matches and to debate the 75-year history of the league.

What actions are planned for the rest of the season?

GA: Regarding our regional plans for Europe, we have just launched NBA 75 Euro Vote. It is a campaign to celebrate our historic season with fans in Europe and to commemorate the contributions of European players throughout the league’s 75-year history. the NBA 75 Euro Vote will pay tribute to these basketball players, current and former, who have inspired generations of basketball fans across the continent.

During the 2021-22 season, a panel of European media, influencers and celebrities will also join European supporters to vote for the 10 best European players in history. They will make up the continent’s two best teams of all time in the NBA. Panelists and fans will vote from a list of European-born basketball players, from early pioneers to current superstars. From the point of view of the NBA, this monumental season offers an opportunity to engage fans in celebrating past eras, but also to shed light on the league of today and tomorrow.

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