For Deshaun Watson, it would be the Dolphins or nothing

You can be prosecuted for 22 charges of sexual assault, be shelved by your team and still be difficult.

Deshaun Watson has a clause that allows him to veto any trade. And he obviously does not intend to deprive himself of this right. According to NFL Media, the quarterback decided to authorize a transfer to only one destination: Miami.

Journalist Ian Rapoport also reports that the Panthers are no longer interested in a trade and should not make a proposal to Houston. Rapoport specifies that Carolina could be interested in the offseason, but not currently, in high season.

Given that Philadelphia would have already failed by Watson himself, the possibilities now seem to be narrowing… only in Miami. Unless there is a surprise team that emerges from here to November 2, by succeeding in convincing the player. That’s a lot of « ifs. »  »

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