For Chauncey Billups, there’s nothing better than the international experience in the summer

While some franchises are still reluctant to let their players join their national teams in the summer, as we have seen again with the Thunder and the Heat for Aleksej Pokusevski and Nikola Jovic, others on the contrary appreciate see their players compete in real competition during the NBA offseason.

“I like to see guys playing with their national team”explained Chauncey Billups in Cologne, where he went to support Jusuf Nurkic, engaged in EuroBasket 2022 with Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Because we play the right way. We play with a goal and obviously, thanks to this experience, we work on our physical form. »

For the Blazers coach, summer work cannot only consist of individual exercises.

« I just like when the players play » he continues. “A lot of guys just practice in the summer. They take a personal trainer and practice on the field. It’s good, but I prefer to play. Even the guys who are not here at EuroBasket, I want them to play at home against very good players. »

This passage on the Old Continent is also an opportunity for Chauncey Billups to dive into European basketball, which he knows rather poorly, and to pick up some ideas to apply when he returns to Portland.

 » Moderately « he answers when asked if he watched European basketball as a player. “Obviously, I played a lot with the American team. One of my best experiences was in 2010, during the world championship in Istanbul. We won the gold medal. We played against good teams. I’m really enjoying watching them right now, with a coaching eye. I learn so many different systems, so many different actions. It’s a really good game. »

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