Football: wrongly accused of being homosexual, a former referee forced to leave Egypt

Wrongly accused by the president of the Zamalek club of being homosexual, former English referee Mark Clattenburg was forced to leave Egypt, where he had been in charge of refereeing since August 2022.

Less than six months after arriving in Egypt, Mark Clattenburg (47) was forced to leave the country. In question, a barely believable story. Appointed head of refereeing at the Egyptian Football Federation last August, the former England referee, who left the Premier League in 2017, feared for his safety and decided to resign. Because, according to British media, the one who notably led the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal received threats from supporters of the Zamalek club after the strong criticism and rumors launched in recent days by their president.

Not in tune with his methods, Mortada Mansour would have accused Mark Clattenburg of corruption but also advanced that he would have left his wife and would maintain a homosexual relationship. These unfounded rumors are believed to be behind the threats made by fans of the Cairo outfit against the Briton in a country where same-sex couples can be the target of prosecution. Seeing his life in danger, he would therefore have preferred to leave.

If she expressed her surprise, the Egyptian Federation confirmed her departure in a press release, posted on social networks, without explaining the reasons. “Englishman Mark Clattenburg, Chairman of the Egyptian Football Association Referees Committee, resigned from his position on Tuesday evening. The board of directors of the Egyptian Football Association will hold an emergency meeting this Wednesday to decide on the resignation of Clattenburg.

Daniel Alves faces a 12-year prison sentence if convicted of rape.

And while he would not have received his last two months of salary (estimated at 36,000 euros monthly), the body also claimed that concerns about his safety were “an exaggeration”, qualifying the country as “the safest of the world ».

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