Football / Women’s French Cup. The Azzurri fall with honors

From the first minutes, the Mulhousiennes’ tactics were clear: block all the exits to prevent Racing from approaching their goal, as when Souici came to intercept the slight rise from the left of Yeboah (4e ). « We put a scheme in place that the girls respected », later explained Antonio Parrado, the Mulhouse coach.

But a flaw quickly allows Brugeron to score with a header (1-0, 14e ). “From there, we had done the hardest part,” admitted Vincent Nogueira, the Strasbourg coach.

The Mulhousiennes still try to go on the offensive, but Finocchio fails to materialize (23e ). Racing however retains control over the debates, like these two attempts by Dijon (35e and 40e ) who end up in the arms of the Mulhouse goalkeeper Ohl.

Ohl postpones the deadline

On returning from the locker room, the assaults of the Strasbourg women redoubled in intensity. But Ohl is a real wall. She first stops the shot from Roth who has just reviewed the defense (68e ), throws himself to deflect Palin’s in his skylight with his fingertips (70e ), then blocks another Roth strike (82e ). Unfortunately for the Azzurri, it is this same Roth who finally manages to shelter his team in the last moments (2-0, 87e ). The two coaches said they were « satisfied » with the performance of their teams, the Mulhousiennes having fought well against a Racing team that had been deeply changed for the occasion.

Racing Strasbourg (D2) – Azzurri Mulhouse (R1) 2-0

Half-time: 1-0. Jean-Nicolas Muller Stadium. Arbitrator: M. Fischer, assisted by MM. Rocland and Hirsch. The goals: Brugeron (14e ), Roth (87e ) for Racing.
Racing : Lourenco, Marcel, Duporge, Rochet (Chaney, 77e ), Gaudin, Munier (Evrard, 66e ), M. Dijon, Yeboah (Roth, 66e ), Brugeron, Baecher, Palin. Coach: Vincent Nogueira.
Azzurri: Ohl, Bopp, Rimbert (Selmani, 62e ), Lenot, D. Dijon, Regnault, Finocchio (Gervaz, 75e ), Saglam (Hemam, 80e ), Souici, Schoenauer, Donnet. Coach: Antonio Parrado.

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