Football while walking called « walking football » is developing everywhere in France

It’s time to put on your sneakers because the Tour de France des Intitiatives makes us play football while walking. This discipline is spreading. There are clubs in Brittany, Charente and Corrèze, etc. This new football practice is for everyone. But it particularly targets football fans who no longer play because of their health or age. walking-football is actually football in « slow motion », simply by walking. However, neither the rules of the game nor the reflexes to have on the pitch change. The strategy, the precision of the shots, the sense of the collective: all these values ​​which make the nature of football are also present in its slow version. If you dream of getting back into football but find the discipline too physical, quickly contact the AFFM, which will be able to direct you to the walking-football club closest to you. There is even an interactive map that lists all the clubs on the website.

With the assistance of INA documentalists: Véronique Jolivet – Hervé Evanno. Episode produced with extracts from the newspaper of 12/13 – National Edition broadcast on 02/21/2020 on France 3.

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