Football: this is the first club in the English league to receive 100 red cards

A red card is a penalty card used in many sports. It means that a player is penalized with a sanction, usually expulsion or disqualification.

The Premier League championship is renowned for being the most competitive in the world. All the great coaches and talented players are across the Channel, according to many football analysts.

The Premier League also owes its fame to the intensity of its matches. Indeed, the pace of the English championship is exceptional. Everything is going very fast and the players are evolving at a formidable level.

To follow the Premier League is to follow a spectacle. It is also a championship where the teams collect many red cards despite the referees are not quick to whistle some faults.

On Saturday January 1, Arsenal faced Manchester City for the championship. Despite a very good performance, the Gunners lost on the score of (2-1).

During the match, the London club will take a red card. It is Gabriel Magalhães who will be sent off following a foul on Gabriel Jesus. Reduced to ten, Mikel Arteta’s men ended up giving in to the assaults of the Mancunians.

By collecting this red card, Arsenal became the first club in the English league to receive 100 cards since the Premier League has existed.

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