Football: The World Cup in Qatar boycotted by a Reunionese newspaper

The « Quotidien de la Réunion » is the first French newspaper to decide on a boycott of the next football World Cup in Qatar. This competition is denounced by defenders of human rights and the environment

The sports journalists of the « Quotidien de la Réunion » have proposed to boycott the competition and the management of the newspaper supports their initiative.

This competition which will take place in November raises controversy. For the first time in the history of football, the stadiums will be air-conditioned in defiance of the fight against climate change and fossil fuels.

The conditions for the construction of these stadiums are also debated. Immigrant workers badly paid, badly treated, 6500 died since 2010 in accidents at work.

The journalists of « Daily Reunion » claim that they will not give any information on this World Cup, even if France wins, even if a Reunionese player like Dimitri Payet scores a winning goal.

This is a position of principle which will of course not prevent football fans from following the matches on TV.

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