Football: the MHSC is betting on its young players and measuring itself against Barça on the European scene

The MHSC plays the young card and rivals Barça thanks to its trio Chotard-Estève-Wahi. Explanations.

The info went almost unnoticed, but let’s face it, Montpellier and FC Barcelona, ​​it’s kif-kif bourricot. No provocation, this is only the result of a statistical survey conducted by the company Opta revealing that the MHSC is the second club to have given the most playing time to players born in the 21st century (2,282 minutes ) in the five big leagues this season (England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France) (*). Behind Barça, therefore (2,441 minutes)… Drive youth!

And little cocorico for the Hérault training which, for once, rivals the Masia, the famous training center of the Blaugrana from which the Xavi, Iniesta, Messi came out in their time …

Five Z’s of MHSC in the spotlight

  • Joris Chotard, 968 min – 20 years – midfielder – international hope.
  • Maxime Estève, 874 min – 19 years old – central defender.
  • Elye Wahi, 369 min – 18 years old – striker.
  • Blessed Makouana, 70 min – 19 years old – striker.
  • Yanis Guermouch, 1 min – 20 years – striker.

The MHSC is still waiting for its messiah but it has the international midfielder of the Hopes, Joris Chotard (20 years and two months), « kid » of the most requested club with 968 minutes and symbol of the new wave of Hérault.

In detail and beyond satisfaction, this snapshot says a lot about the philosophy and constraints of Montpellier, and more generally on the place of Ligue 1 on the European chessboard, which places eleven of its clubs in the first twenty places. .

The « Big Five »

With only one representative (Barcelona 1st and Southampton 18th), Spain and England are almost absent from the list. Germany and Italy respectively hoist three and four of their clubs.

Another observation: with the exception of Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, no team playing in the Champions League is included in this ranking. Proof that the youth card is inversely proportional to the wealth of clubs and championships, which is obvious for the president of the MHSC, Laurent Nicollin: « Every time Montpellier took out a lot of young people, it was like financially complicated times. It’s easier to take a young player, it’s not the same salary as if you recruit. »

If the Premier League crushes the economic market, France, it is much less rated, as evidenced by the allocation of TV rights (3.48 billion euros per season for the English, 624 million euros in Ligue 1 ).

Basically, Montpellier therefore has no choice: « You still have to have the right youngsters and the right coach to get them to play », notes Nicollin.

Ligue 1

Health crisis + TV rights crisis = financial crisis, obviously. French football is sticking its tongue out but, in its misfortune, it has certainly cushioned the shock by drawing on its training centers, a French specialty for several decades. This is the case, behind Montpellier, of Reims (3rd), Saint-Etienne (4th), Bordeaux (11th) or Lens (19th).

The opportunity for Laurent Nicollin, holder of the 14th budget of L1, to reaffirm the « brand » MHSC, which is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its training center this year.

« We brought out a lot of young people, training is our culture, our DNA if we want to continue to grow. I think that the clubs which are turning away from it are on the wrong track », He testifies, even if, basically, Montpellier owes its second place in the standings with « only » five young people from generation Z while Saint-Etienne and Rennes have nine.

Presidential pirouette: « These are just stats, but we’re 2nd. When an info is good for us, we take it! » Especially before facing Lyon.

Players of the 21st century: the ranking

The clubs

  1. Barcelona (2,441 minutes),
  2. Montpellier (2 282),
  3. Reims (2 121),
  4. Saint-Etienne (2,049),
  5. OM (1935),
  6. Monaco (1904),
  7. Monchengladbach,
  8. Leverkusen,
  9. Genoa,
  10. Rennes (1675),
  11. Bordeaux (1505),
  12. Dortmund,
  13. Metz (1,388),
  14. Nice (1345),
  15. Empoli,
  16. Spezia,
  17. OL (1249),
  18. Southampton,
  19. Lens (1,164)
  20. Venice.

In Ligue 1

Saint-Etienne, Rennes (9 players), Reims, Monaco (7), Bordeaux (6), Montpellier, Lorient, Troyes, Lorient (5) …

Statistics made before the 14th day of L1 (Opta sources).

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