Football / The Coupe de France like the pros. Thiaucourt succeeds in the hold-up in Dieulouard


Marcel-Crusem Stadium; a hundred spectators; arbitrator: M. Berthelmot.

The goal. Sebald (84th sp).
Warnings: Schenck (90th) at Dieulouard; Fourriere (88th) in Thiaucourt. Expulsion: Park (71st) in Thiaucourt.
Dieulouard: Chaumont, Morizot, Desoteux, Toussaint, Calvo Rejon, R. Husson, Esteban (then Didierjean, 55th), D. Husson (then Rinie, 78th), Schenck, Gurgul, Sesmat (then Demogeot, 78th). Ent. A. Demmerle.
Thiaucourt: Garez, Sebald, Thivement (then Vaneck, 63rd), Thiriot (then Alix, 72nd), Streiff, Fourrière, Clause, Bastien, Muller (then A. Roussel), Pintat, Fischer. Ent. : Thierry Roussel.

The context

Resident of D1 after having experienced three consecutive climbs until last season, FC Dieulouard MB (short for Marbache-Belleville, with whom the club merged in the offseason) started as favorite against a team of …


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