Football: successful start to the season for AS Gamaches

AS Gamaches validates its ticket for the third round of the Coupe de France.
AS Gamaches validates its ticket for the third round of the Coupe de France. (©AS Gamaches)

AS Gamaches (Somme) ideally entered its season yesterday on the lawn of Millencourt-en-Ponthieu (Somme), as part of the second round of the Coupe de France.

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The six goals were scored by six different scorers: Thomas Doremus, Logan Biteau, Gaëtan Bertin, Antoine Paillier, Thomas Pallier and Thomas Decaux.

After opening the scoring, Thomas Doremus came out injured for a head shock.

The Gamachois qualify and could find a National 3 club in the third round.

It was Thomas Doremus who opened the official Gamachois goal counter by taking a corner with a header (0-1), before Logan Biteau drove the point home a few minutes later (0-2).

After unblocking the situation, Thomas Doremus, victim of a shock to the head, was forced to leave. But he’s fine.

I had him on the phone yesterday and this morning. He had a good night and regained correct vision. He has a bruise on his temple, but will be present at training tomorrow.

Sebastien CarbonnierCoach of AS Gamaches (Somme)

Just before the break, Gaëtan Bertin protected his side from a return from the opponents (0-3).

Surprised in the second half

On returning from the locker room, the Gamachois were surprised by their opponents who reduced the score (1-3). But their reaction is good. Antoine Paillier and Tomas Pallier materialize one after the other (1-5).

Thomas Decaux then concluded this game by converting a penalty (1-6). Six goals for six different scorers. In front of goal, the Greens are efficient…

After validating their ticket, Gamaches will continue next weekend in the third round. National 3 clubs will enter the competition. The draw should be announced mid-week.

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