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As of December 6, football stadiums in Italy will be closed to people not vaccinated against Covid-19. A measure that is part of the tightening of health restrictions decided by the Italian government on November 24.

Among the health measures that the government of Mario Draghi wanted to toughen on November 24 is in particular the impossibility for unvaccinated people to access football stadiums, as reported La Repubblica November 24. A measure not without consequences when we know the important culture of calcio in Italy.

A negative test will no longer be sufficient for tiffosi wishing to attend a match, whether outdoors or indoors, in arenas or sports facilities. The measure will be in effect from December 6, 2021 to January 15, 2022. The gauges will remain at their current capacity, even if the regions pass in the yellow or orange zones, according to the color code in force in Italy indexed to the circulation of the Covid-19 .

The famous “super green pass”, reserved only for people vaccinated and those cured for less than six months from Covid-19, will also be necessary for access to gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools and for all indoor sports. It will be required for access to showers and changing rooms in sports facilities, except for those accompanying dependent persons, whether disabled persons or young children. The health pass will also be compulsory for access to clubs and basic sports. For those who are not vaccinated, there is only the possibility of practicing outdoor sports.

Matteo Salvini more and more isolated within the League?

Matteo Salvini’s League, generally quick to express disagreements on the health policy of the government of which it is a part, is meanwhile mired in internal dissent and has not yet reacted with one voice to the newly announced measures. According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, the fact of having supported all health measures in Parliament, the first green pass just like the various restrictions, would have weakened he Capitano within its formation. In July, however, he had qualified as « bullshit » the distinctions between vaccinated and non-vaccinated through the health pass, then approved the government’s choices on this point, including the brand new « super green pass ».

Mario Draghi himself had also mentioned possible differences within his majority during his press conference on November 24. « What seemed to be differences of position before the Council of Ministers then disappeared, » replied Mario Draghi to a question concerning these differences.

The unity of government « in its determinations is important [aussi] to remedy this situation of conflict between those who vaccinate and those who do not vaccinate ”, affirmed the President of the Italian Council. There must not be « divestments or divergent positions as we have already seen so many times in Italian history in the face of phenomena of great social importance », he continued.

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