Football – Samuel Eto’o: « Africans have a lot of talent, Europeans a little less »

Samuel Eto’o has never been known to beat around the bush. He proves it once again in an interview with the English-speaking media. « The Athletic« . The one who became president of the Cameroonian Football Federation in December expands on the potential of Africans in this sport. « I am convinced that we Africans are important in many areas but we do not know how to come together.« 

The former striker wore the colors of Barça, Inter Milan or Chelsea. For him, African footballers only need one key element to establish themselves at the top of the world hierarchy. « Africans have a lot of talent, Europeans a little less. But the Europeans have understood something: training. Training is the magic of all success« , he asserts.He sees young Africans dominating physically, until training allows the hopes of the old continent to rise. « In Africa, we don’t know how to train ourselves […]. What you educate will pay off in 10 years. We don’t have the patience.«  To put it another way: he believes that players from Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon and even Côte d’Ivoire are stronger than their opponents. However, they are quickly caught up by the academic structure from which Europeans benefit.This is precisely what Samuel Eto’o wants to change in the future. He hopes to breathe new life into it, so that he can win a FIFA World Cup in the future. « It’s one of the easiest things to do, it’s just a few football matches.« , he blurted out « The Athletic« .

The African continent is often looked down upon by the rest of football. English clubs recently angered federations by refusing to release their players for the Africa Cup of Nations. These same players who inspire new generations by showing them that it is possible to make a living with your passion. Eto’o returns to Roger Milla, the striker who “brought the dream to Africa”. Today, players like Mohamed Salah, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Sadio Mane or Riyad Mahrez have taken up the torch.

Samuel Eto’o for his part is subject to many criticisms. His role as ambassador for the Qatar World Cup is disturbing. The host country of the competition is accused of mistreating its workers and violating their human rights as well as those of LGBT + people. The Cameroonian responds that people should come and see the country before judging. It also appeared in a list published by the Spanish tax office. According to the document, he owes them around 1 million euros.

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