Football – Quico Catalán: « We are going to Segunda in the most painful way, but we will come back ».

PARIS, May 12 (Benin News) –

Levante president Quico Catalan was badly hurt after the 6-0 loss to Real Madrid confirmed his team’s relegation to the second division and said they were leaving « in the most painful way ». but said they will return to the highest category of Spanish football.

“It was a very difficult year for everyone and in the end we were relegated on a very complicated day, the players suffered unspeakably. We are going to Segunda in the most painful way, but we will be back. We first apologize to our fans and thank them for their support,” he said in statements to Movistar, reported by Europa Press.

« A lot of people thought we wouldn’t last that long and in the end – with 10 days to go – we fell. Tomorrow we have to start working and see that it is an accumulation of situations that has led us to this situation,” added Catalán.

Asked about the mistakes made, the president of Granota was honest. « I don’t know what we did wrong, we started the year with the incorporation of Mustafi and Soldado and we understood that we were strengthening a core team that had been together for years with high performance, l last year in the semi-finals of the cup….. But maybe it was time to change something else and I don’t know, honestly I don’t know at the moment, but we haven’t been good from the start. In the end, we were forced into this situation,” he admitted.

“The dismissal of Paco López? I don’t know, when that decision was made, we realized it was the right thing to do and we did it. I don’t know if it was bad, but it wasn’t pleasant for anyone, I don’t know if it was this decision (who was to blame for the relegation), or the change that was not the right one, but now is not the time and I do not have the head to draw these conclusions so clearly. What is clear is that we made a mistake and that I am mainly responsible for it. And now we have to work hard to get back to the first division,” added Catalán.

“We have to go back to Primera and we have to work but first we have to correct and analyze everything well. We have to reorient the project to compete at the highest level in the second division, we have to try to achieve what we did six years ago, go down and up,” concluded the Levante president.

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