Football: public figures, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon, protest against the sale of Red Star

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This Friday, May 13, several sports, political and even cultural personalities denounced the sale of Red Star to an American investment fund in a column published in Le Monde. Personalities including Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Several personalities from sport, culture and politics, including the leader of rebellious France Jean-Luc Mélenchon, denounced on Friday the sale to an American fund of the football club Red Star and called on supporters to « block the sale » of « this common good ».

In a column published in Le Monde, the signatories, which also include the national secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, affirm that the Red Star, a National club (third division) based in Saint-Ouen, is « a common good which should not be sacrificed on the altar of profit ».

The Red Star was sold 100% to the American investment fund, 777 Partners, « based in a tax haven led by Josh Wanders, already owner or shareholder of clubs in Brazil, Belgium, Spain or Italy », denounce -they. Regretting that French football has « become a new El Dorado for these financial predators », the signatories, who include many former club players, sports journalists and supporters’ associations, are surprised that « the football authorities do not do not express and close their eyes », and call on the legislative power to « react and take up this question ».

« Sacrificed on the altar of profit »

« For us, they write, the Red Star is a common good that cannot be sacrificed on the altar of profit. » The signatories, who also include the former PS presidential candidate in France Benoît Hamon, the LFI deputy François Ruffin or the EELV mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle, call « all Red Star supporters and football lovers across the country to block the sale and to mobilize to make this fight a national fight against football business and defend another vision of football ».

The platform is also signed by personalities from the world of culture, such as the writer and director Virginie Despentes. The sale of Red Star to 777 Partners has provoked a revolt among supporters who fear the dissolution of the identity of the club, founded in 1897, and who interrupted a league match against Sète in April at the legendary Bauer stadium to protest.

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